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About FM Radio Channels

Listen to your favorite radio channels on contains a large database of AM, FM and internet radio channels online. By default the site will have english radio channels. This site will be promoted by our partner in one of their android app. Onlinefm contains the collections of internet radio stations from India properly categorized in all languages.

Language wise fm stations are listed, By choosing list of languages

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Tune your radio to listen your favorite songs and also news stations are available. We provide to the full list of radios, so you can tune radio from your computer and listen. Popular radio stations like BBC World Service, AIR FM, E FM, Fever FM etc., for english language and sooriyan fm, radio city fm, Air Tamil fm, radio mirchi fm rainbow etc., for Tamil languages. Like language wise we have many FM channels live in our website. Your one stop website for all your Indian radio listening needs. All Indian language provided in our site was free to use. We do not stream or re stream any of the radio channels in our website. We just embed the third party links to play radio in your site. So we are not responsible for any programs provided by the radio stations. If there is any query regarding programs pls directly contact the radio station admin.